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Applications close: 28 June
Hunting on: 19 September
  • Enter requested information and click Print Application Form button
  • Complete printing the form from the Print dialog
  • Sign form in the space provided - * required
  • Mail to:

WoodHill Fallow Management Council
P.O. Box 110
Kumeu 0841
New Zealand

  • The applicant accepts that we will retain their personal details and use this for all communications, for processing their application, and so that we may from time to time email updates regarding the success of the season and notifications of future ballots.


In the event of being selected in the ballot, I agree to ABIDE BY THE CONDITIONS SET OUT BY THE W.F.M.C. and I accept full responsibility for my child while in Woodhill Forest

Signature of Parent / Guardian:

*** You MUST SIGN your APPLICATION for it to be accepted ***

Post completed signed application to:
    W.F.M.C., PO Box 110, Kumeu 0841, Auckland


26st Sept   HUNT DAY - Starts 10 am (Saturday)

Successful applicants will be notified by post and the results posted on website within two weeks of being drawn.



Only One child 1218 years old, able to handle a firearm per Parent or Guardian

Parent or Guardian must have current firearms license

One deer only may be taken (can be Buck or Doe of any age)

Parent or Guardian that have been successful in main ballot are not excluded

Introduction to hunting and Free Hi-Viz Vest for each child

Once a child has been successful in TAKH ballot they cannot apply again