Woodhill Forest is primarily an Operational Production Forest. Please be aware that contact with forest operations is possible at any time, and that those operations take precedence over all other activities.


The Take a Kid Hunting day was introduced by the WFMC in 2004 to encourage and introduce children to the sport of deer hunting. The WFMC sees this day as an opportunity to educate kids in firearm safety, the deer they are about to hunt and the role of the WFMC in managing the Woodhill fallow herd so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. It provides a perfect opportunity for parents, guardians and their charge's to have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.

Take a Kid Hunting lunch
  1. Introduction to hunting and the Woodhill Forest.
  2. Free hi viz vests for each child.
  3. B.B.Q lunch provided.
  4. Ballot Application Fee - Nill
Summary of Conditions
Take a Kid Hunting trophy
  1. Only one child with each adult.
  2. Child must be 12 to 18 years, and needs to be able to handle firearm.
  3. Parent or guardian must have current firearms licence.
  4. One deer only may be taken.
  5. Child only must be the shooter.
  6. Child that has been successful in a previous ballot is not eligible.
  7. Parent or guardian that have been sucessful in the main ballot are not excluded.


Advice to Permit Holders

  1. As a permit holder, having accepted this permit you agree to abide by the conditions that apply to this permit. You are responsible for your nominated child's actions and ensure that they are aware of these rules.
  2. The permit applies to a nominated child between the ages of 12 to 18 years of age, who can competently handle and fire a centrefire rifle. Proof of the child's age maybe requested. Once a child has been successful in the "Take a Kid Hunting" ballot they are ineligible to apply again. However the parent or guardian may accompany other siblings or children in future ballots. Parents or guardians who have been successful in the main ballot are not excluded from escorting their child in the "Take a Kid Hunting" ballot.
  3. All permit holders are to meet at the South Head Hall on Donohue's Road at 10 am on the day of their hunt (date specified on the permit). A briefing and BBQ lunch will be held before proceeding to your hunting block accompanied by a WFMC member.
  4. Park your car at the access point indicated with the permit left visible on the dash.
  5. Hunting is from daylight to dusk only. Access/egress to and from blocks is permitted during dark hours. All firearms must be unloaded during this time. Access to block is by foot. NO BICYCLES.
  6. The parent or guardian must hold a current firearms license and it is to be carried at all times.
  7. Only the nominated child is to accompany the permit holder, i.e. no companions, and the child must be the shooter.
  8. No Rim fire rifles, shotguns, dogs or spotlights are permitted under any circumstances.
  9. Suppressors on rifles are allowed.
  10. Your permit entitles the nominated child to shoot one fallow deer only.
  11. No tagged or collared does to be shot.
  12. All pigs should be shot where this can be done safely (within permittee's block).
  13. No shooting of any other living thing is permitted.
  14. No indiscriminate firing of rifles permitted, i.e. no sighting in. This is an enclosed, managed deer hunting area. Target practice of any sort is banned.
  15. Consideration for hunters in adjoining blocks is to be shown at all times.
  16. The head of all animals shot (including pigs) are to be taken to entry point and put in bins, your hunting tag should also be put with the head.
  17. If you have a Buck's head you wish to keep you must liase with the duty person who will be periodically checking carparks.
  18. Members of the WFMC or deputies on gate duty reserve the right to routinely check carry bags and vehicles.
  19. You as the permit holder must undertake on behalf of your nominated child, on the form provided, return a record of kills and all deer sightings. ALL PRIMARY PERMIT HOLDERS MUST FILE A RETURN BY 1st OCTOBER (i.e. one per party).
  20. No previewing of your hunting block is allowed.

These conditions are laid down in the interests of the fallow deer herd and your safety. Failure to follow these conditions of your permit will result in a disqualification for you and/or your party from future ballots for a minimum period of one year.

Woodhill Fallow Management Council

To comply with our lease obligations these rules also apply:

  • NO smoking in forest.
  • ALL vehicles are required to have a current WOF and registration when entering forest.
  • NO camping in forest or access roads.



  1. Treat every firearm as loaded.
  2. Always point firearms in a safe direction.
  3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire.
  4. Identify your target.
  5. Check your firing zone.
  6. Store firearms and ammunition safely.
  7. Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms.


Blaze orange vest is compulsory for all members of party. No vest, no hunt!


IDENTIFY your TARGET. USE of binoculars is recommended.

Consider your FIRING ZONE - if in DOUBT, DO NOT FIRE.

WFMC hunters have a 100% firearms safety record.
      Let's keep it!