All hunters must carry their firearms license.
Blaze orange vests must be worn at all times. No clothing substitute permitted for a blaze orange vest.
All vehicles must display your hunting permit ( a photocopy must be displayed if more than one vehicle).
The above requirements form the basis for our access agreement with Nga Maunga Whakahii O Kaipara Investments Limited (NMWoK) which is a commercial arm of Ngati Whatua o Kaipara.
If you won't or don't comply you will be asked to leave the forest."

2016 Ryan Woon
Ryan Woon with his TAKH deer at Woodhill on 17 Sept 2016.

Upon arrival at Woodhill forest, I was as excited as I was nervous. I had recently shot a Sika deer around Taupo. I was afraid of getting the classic case of 'buck fever' (where you start shaking in excitement and can't take a steady shot) which happened the first time around. After having a big talk on firearms safety and a barbeque lunch we were allocated our blocks where we would hunt. My Dad and I received block 8B which was around 3 km long and 1 km wide. We asked the patrol staff about this block and they had informed us that although there were some deer there, it hadn't been going too well this year. This wasn't exactly the best news but we were still confident that I was going to get a Fallow.

After the friendly patrol staff dropped us off at the top end of our block (as the wind was facing towards us), we set off hunting. Only walking half-speed and stopping to look more than actually walking, we were sure to find one soon. About an hour in, two does ran across our path about 30 metres in front of us. I made the common mistake of getting down low and into position too early and they were spooked. We had lost them. Although these had gone, it still meant that there was a possibility a feeding doe was nearby.

Another hour into the hunt and we came across a sloping cliff that had a lot of green grass. Although I knew that there was a chance there was going to be a deer eating, I still approached it too fast. Another one was spooked and it ran off. Doubting that there was going to be another one, we sat still and watched. I glanced over across a ditch and sure enough there was a doe feeding only 25 metres away! This time, we were the ones to see her first. Not having enough time to get in position I quickly raised the rifle, closed the bolt and lined up my shot. I could only see the back of it as the front half was hiding behind the tree. Almost instantly she stepped backwards from the tree exposing her front shoulder to me and I fired. She dropped dead.

Striding over to her in pride, Dad and I were as excited as anything! After taking some photos it was now time to gut her and carry her back to the road. That was the hard part but it didn't take us very long to find the road and wait for the patrol man to come and collect us. After loading our gear and our venison back into our car, we said our thank yous and goodbyes and heading back home before dark and in time for dinner.

2016 Block2
Phil's view from the antenna, block 2, 26 June 2016
"Plenty of animals (pigs and deer) in there. Not the easiest of blocks to hunt as the trees are young and visibility is not so good. Seemed to notice more deer in the south end of the block." Click for bigger image
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Stella Clark with her first deer, TAKH, Woodhill, 2015
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Ethan Gwyn has just shot his first deer from about 23 metres free standing, TAKH, Woodhill, 2015
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Bert Howlett Trophy 2015: Shane Gregory (right), Ken Howlett (Bert’s son and WFMC Treasurer), and Brian Witton (Patron of the Auckland NZDA, Curator of the Douglas Score system and current and longest serving member of the WFMC)
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Matt Weatherhead - Biggest Buck (Douglas score of 186 3/8), Woodhill, 2013
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Brian Pemberton's 17 pointer Fallow Stag, Woodhill, 2013
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Nick Delamare - Biggest Buck (Douglas score of 174 6/8), Woodhill, 2012; and with Bert Howlett Trophy
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