An Explanation of the Fees for 2024

As most people are aware in 2014 the Woodhill Forest passed into private ownership when the Ngati Whatua o Kaipara tribe purchased the Woodhill Forest from the Crown. All forest activities are now the responsibility of Ngahere Ltd. The WFMC is grateful that Ngahere Ltd has allowed us to continue to offer a public ballot in the Forest. The balloted hunting blocks take up almost a third of the forest area.

For the 2024 season, there will be a ballot application fee of $25; and upon a successful ballot, a block fee at $190 for the Ballot Holder and up to 2 companions for hunting on the block for the day.

The same rules will apply as in previous years, that is, you will be issued a permit to shoot 1 antlered buck or in some cases a doe (special permit required). If you cannot abide by the rules or you feel the daily rate should entitle you to shoot anything, then DO NOT apply. See Conditions for full details.

The WFMC recognises that this is a relatively small herd, and it cannot be repopulated from outside of the forest. However, for this season the Council has voted to allow for each successful ballot, the Ballot Holder, will be allowed to shoot either one buck or one doe. This is an either/or, not both. As in previous seasons, one other party member can request a doe permit.

The WFMC is here to ensure future generations of hunters can enjoy this recreation, however, we also want to see hunters have success.

Ballot Application Acknowledgements

After you submit a Ballot Application with on-line payment, any subsequent communication will be to the email address that you specify in your application. If you make a mistake in entering that email address, you will not get our messages, so please check your entry. (Last year there were a significant number of invalid email addresses provided, and as they were invalid, we were unable to tell you of the problem.)

Your Ballot Application is being recorded automatically, and we are no longer sending an email acknowledgement. You can confirm that your application is received on the Ballot Application Query page.


All hunters must carry their firearms license.
Plain blaze orange vests must be worn at all times. There are no clothing substitute permitted for a plain blaze orange vest - no cammo patterns.
All vehicles must display your hunting permit (display a photocopy if more than one vehicle).
The above requirements form the basis for our access agreement with Ngati Whatua o Kaipara, and if you won't or don't comply you will be asked to leave the forest.

Single Application per Person

If you wish to have multiple entries into the ballot, you enter the number required within the application form.

Sending Money

We can only accept payments to our ANZ Bank Account. A Direct Credit from your bank account to ours is preferrable, but you are also welcome to make a deposit at any ANZ Bank branch.

Please make a single payment for your ballot application ($25 * <number of entries into ballot>).

Please ensure that you use both your Family Name and your Firearms Licence No. as the reference on the payment:
      e.g.       Smith R1234567
and quote that with your application or in any message to us.

Our bank account details are:
Account Name:
      Woodhill Fallow Management Council Inc
ANZ Account Number:   01 0141 0041658 00

Lost Your Kill/Sighting Report?

We don't want a small oversight to spoil your chance of a hunt next year, so click here for a replacement.

Remember that Kill/Sighting Reports are required from all ballot winners - by 1st October.

The report should be emailed to .