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Frequent Questions

Honestly, we love hearing from you, but really, the same question over and over again is a bit tedious. If there is something that you are likely to want to know, we do try to put it on the website, so you don't even need to wait for an email reply.

Have you checked the Current News page, or perhaps the Calendar? (Next year's dates will be pretty similar to this year's dates - that makes it easier for us all.)

Ballot Opening: Yes, we are running a bit late sometimes. We will keep the Current News page updated for you.

Want to go Hunting? Hunting is by permit only, during a restricted Winter Hunting season. Requests for permits are only accepted during an Application period, and as there are more requests than hunting resources available, a ballot will allocate blocks to some of the requests. See the Applications menu item for more information.

Hunting Applications: are generally available from early March each year. See the Calendar for the Application period.

Bow Hunters: Anyone in your party hunting with a bow must have (and carry) a firearms licence - Forest rules.

Multiple Applications? Yes, you can have multiple entries in the ballot. There is only one application per person, so remember to enter the number of entries required. There is a $25 fee per entry, and you can only ever win one ballot prize in any year. (Take-a-Kid-Hunting - just the one application, and no entry fee.)

Won a ballot? Congratulations. Maps and final details are generally mailed a week or two before your lucky day. In the meantime, there is Google Maps, and you can wonder just where your deer is hiding.

Kill/Sighting Report: Have you lost your copy? Click here for a replacement.

Lost some gear? Please let us know what you have lost and where it might be. If it is found, we will get in touch.


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