The Committee


The committee was formed in 1987 and comprises of representatives from the local landowners, Auckland branches of the NZDA and other committed parties.

In 2013 the Woodhill Forest passed into private ownership when the Ngati Whatua o Kaipara tribe purchased the Woodhill Forest off the Crown. The forest is run by Nga Maunga Whakahii O Kaipara Investments Limited (NMWoK) which is a commercial arm of Ngati Whatua o Kaipara. The WFMC runs under a formal lease agreement with NMWoK. The WFMC is charged with the appropriate management of the herd which not only ensures the continuation of public hunting, but also the protection of the environment through the managing of deer numbers. The management of the Woodhill herd is without doubt a success story that needs to be repeated throughout New Zealand.

Current Members
Chairman:Mark Nobilo
Treasurer:Brent Neville
Secretary:Jolene Chapman

Brent Panckhurst,
Brian Horne,
Brian Witton,
Lance Stuart,
Mark Allmon,
Mike O'connor,
Paul Carmine,
Ricky Rush,
Ross Tindale &
Steve Arthur

The Ballot Fee
These funds are collected to pay for the administration of the WFMC and include; ballot costs, signage for the hunting blocks, patrols through out the year for poaches and security during hunting, communications within the forest, public liability insurance and running of our annual 'Take A Kid Hunting' day.
South Kaipara Fencing

There is no longer any fencing contribution paid by the hunters. The WFMC is proud of the fact that the hunter's contributions in the past have enable two fencing projects to be completed. They are around Lake Ototoa next to Donahues Road in the north of the forest and Huatu Marama (formerly Hodges Basin) near Restall Road in the South of the forest.

Successful ballot hunters must pay an additional hunting block fee (currently $160/hunting block) which the WFMC pays directly to NMWoK.