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Cheque Direct Credit
  Payment ($15) is being made be:
Applications close: 7 May
Hunting from: 9 June
Drawn: 10 May


If paying by Direct Credit:
(The application will be emailed automatically when you print the form; the printed copy is for your records. You may cancel the print if you wish.)
  • Make payment of the Application Fee ($15.00) to:
    Account Name : Woodhill Fallow Management Council Inc
    Account Number: 01 0141 0041658 00
    Payment reference: Name(the same name as on the application form) Payment-Date(DDMMMYY) - e.g.   Bill Bloggs 13Mar17
  • Enter requested information and click Print Application Form button

If paying by Cheque:
(The application needs to be be mailed, together with your cheque.)
  • Enter requested information and click Print Application Form button
  • Complete printing the form from the Print dialog.
  • Attach Ballot Application Fee - $15.00 cheque
  • Mail application with cheque to:

WoodHill Fallow Management Council
P.O. Box 110
Kumeu 0841
New Zealand


If successful you can nominate up to two hunting companions. Successful applicants will be notified by post, results on website within two weeks of being drawn.


WE NEVER CANCEL A HUNT - there is always some weather!