Congratulations to those successful ballot applicants

Below are the ballot draw results for the Woodhill Fallow Hunting Blocks for this season. If your name appears on the list for one of the blocks you are the primary permit holder for that block and should be receiving an advice notice in the mail. If you cannot hunt on the assigned date for any reason please contact This should be done as soon as possible before the hunting season commences so an alternative weekend can, if possible, be arranged. Once the season commences if you cannot hunt for whatever reason on your assigned day no alternative dates will be available and another name will be drawn from the ballot applicants.

Remember: One hunt per person per year. If you are nominated as a companion or as a primary permit holder on more than one day please advise us so it can be arranged for someone else to have a hunt.

Block 6, 2020

4-Jul-20Mark AnnalsT****268
5-Jul-20Ian GroveR****644
11-Jul-20Mitchell SimsT****048
12-Jul-20Gregory PageT****897
18-Jul-20David WadeT****881
19-Jul-20Matt JuddR****332
25-Jul-20Mike RoulstonT****249
26-Jul-20Evan ClappS****906
1-Aug-20Caleb WarrenderT****525
2-Aug-20Mark CampbellT****833
8-Aug-20Jayne WilsonT****232
9-Aug-20Samuel Van Den HeuvelT****044
15-Aug-20Peter EvansR****126
16-Aug-20Brooke ReidT****208
22-Aug-20William Sellick-ShawT****971
23-Aug-20Glen HartstoneR****185
29-Aug-20Andrew LeslieT****738
30-Aug-20Soren GamstT****275
5-Sep-20Chris PineT****653
6-Sep-20Donovan GibbsT****436
12-Sep-20Rick BarberT****292
13-Sep-20James HallbergT****926
20-Sep-20Cameron CrappT****054
26-Sep-20Colin BrownT****414