Congratulations to those successful ballot applicants

Below are the ballot draw results for the Woodhill Fallow Hunting Blocks for this season. If your name appears on the list for one of the blocks you are the primary permit holder for that block and should be receiving an advice notice in the mail. If you cannot hunt on the assigned date for any reason please contact This should be done as soon as possible before the hunting season commences so an alternative weekend can, if possible, be arranged. Once the season commences if you cannot hunt for whatever reason on your assigned day no alternative dates will be available and another name will be drawn from the ballot applicants.

Remember: One hunt per person per year. If you are nominated as a companion or as a primary permit holder on more than one day please advise us so it can be arranged for someone else to have a hunt.

Block 5, 2023

Jun 17Sean McCullyT****352
Jun 18Nathaniel KingP****914
Jun 24Philip William MorrishS****040
Jun 25Reece LeiteT****467
Jul 1Nick VinsenT****753
Jul 2Steven CopemanT****288
Jul 8Robert McGlashanT****544
Jul 9Daniel CornegeT****808
Jul 15Richard ThomasT****998
Jul 16David GaffinT****473
Jul 22Shayne Damian HookT****077
Jul 23Todd BellT****011
Jul 29Hugo McGrathT****718
Jul 30Derek SlatterT****624
Aug 5Craig BrightT****189
Aug 6Kris O'NeillT****980
Aug 12Paul McCreedyS****412
Aug 13Rian Tony StottT****670
Aug 19Sam GindersT****325
Aug 20Earl Phillip ManderS****010
Aug 26Allan SymeS****306
Aug 27Eric DoelT****217
Sep 2Clint NashQ****870
Sep 3Kenneth Shane NaylorT****542
Sep 9Aaron DuffyT****737
Sep 10Craig ReidT****979
Sep 16Robert AllanR****620
Sep 17Jan StrijdomT****450