NOTE: One day hunt per hunter per year!

Woodhill Forest is primarily an Operational Production Forest. Please be aware that contact with forest operations is possible at any time, and that those operations take precedence over all other activities.


Don't be late; check the date!


It is great to get a trophy, and a really good head may be worth that little extra.

Current News

Check out the Notice Board for the latest news.


Don't be caught out; learn the rules.

Take A Kid Hunt

Make the most of a great opportunity to Take a Kid Hunting, and pass on a little of your knowledge and skills.


Blaze orange vest is compulsory for all members of party. No vest, no hunt!


IDENTIFY your TARGET. USE of binoculars is recommended.

Consider your FIRING ZONE - if in DOUBT, DO NOT FIRE.

WFMC hunters have a 100% firearms safety record.
      Let's keep it!